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Ben and Susan Levin on 1 in 54


June 20, 2021


5:30AM - 8:00AM

Join us today to hear from Ben Levin, and his mother Susan. Ben was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 5. He is an avid reader and a published author, he has written over 150 books! Ben discusses a profound change he went through during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. His outlook and message about his status as a person with autism, has become one of self-embrace after many years of feeling “less than” as a result of his diagnosis. Tune in to learn more about Ben! 

Airing live:
Sunday June 20 5:30AM on WHUD 100.7FM
Sunday June 20 6:00AM on WBPM 92.9/96.5
Sunday June 20 7:30AM on Fox Oldies – WGNY 98.9FM

You can also listen on our website, or on the Apple Podcasts/Spotify Apps, just search 1 in 54!