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Bobby Morong on 1 in 44


November 06, 2022


5:30AM - 8:00AM EST

This weekend's 1 in 44 guest is Bobby Morong! Bobby is the founder of Training Ties®. Bobby has been a Physical Education and Special Education Elementary School Teacher in and around Boston for over 20 years. He created Training Ties® to help individuals keep their laces tied! It is the ultimate shoe tying tool! Whether you know how to tie shoes already and want to keep yours tied, or would like to teach someone else, Training Ties® can help! Learn more at:

Airing live:
Sunday November 6th 5:30AM on WHUD 100.7FM
Sunday November 6th 6:00AM on WBPM 92.9/96.5
Sunday November 6th 7:30AM on Oldies – WGNY 98.9FM

You can also listen on our website, or on the Apple Podcasts/Spotify Apps, just search 1 in 44!