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Dawn Barclay on 1 in 44


May 29, 2022


5:30AM - 8:00AM EST

This weekend's 1 in 44 guest is Dawn Barclay. Dawn is an award-winning author who has spent a 30+ year career working in different aspects of the travel industry. She holds degrees in psychology and marketing, is a mother of two, and resides in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley. Her most recent work 'Traveling Different' reads as a guide to help parents traveling with special needs children. The heart of the book outlines suggested itineraries for spectrum families and venues that cater to the unique special interests that are characteristic of individuals with autism. Barclay also discusses less common accommodations, such as dude ranches and houseboats, as well as vacations involving sports that readers might not immediately associate with ASD, such as diving, skiing, and golf. Tune in to learn more, or visit Dawn's website to purchase her book:

Airing live:
Sunday May 29 5:30AM on WHUD 100.7FM
Sunday May 29 6:00AM on WBPM 92.9/96.5
Sunday May 29 7:30AM on Fox Oldies – WGNY 98.9FM

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