null Steve Bier - Popcorn for the People

Steve Bier - Popcorn for the People

Oct, 26 2019

Steve is the managing director of Popcorn for the People, a nonprofit in East Brunswick, NJ. Steve's son Sam is a young adult on the autism spectrum who was finding it difficult to find gainful employment. Steve was then inspired to start Popcorn  for the People, which provides meaningful and lasting employment for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. They also provide 14 different  yummy flavors of popcorn! 100% of the profits from Popcorn for the People goes to Let's Work for Good. Let's Work for Good is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to provide meaningful and lasting employment for adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Tune in to learn more about Popcorn for the People, or visit: