Strategic Plan

Anderson leadership utilizes the data collected within our programs and services along with input from our team to develop mid- and long-term action steps to ensure we provide the best possible services to our clients.

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1. Align agency operations with our mission

Anderson Center for Autism has at its core the foundational belief that all individuals deserve to live a life of quality.   Anderson looks to ensure that all aspects of our agency are focused toward this belief.   With all agency decisions and staff actions predicated on optimizing the quality of life of the individuals we serve, we will positively impact the lives of those we serve and be the preeminent leader in the field of developmental disability services.

2. Invest in our human capital

Highly qualified and trained staff are an integral part of our current and future successes and the competition for these staff will only increase.  It is vital to our survival as a leader in the field to develop mechanisms to attract, recruit, nurture and retain the right individuals.

3. Make judgments and decisions that are data informed

The future landscape of service delivery and funding is not clearly defined and becoming increasingly difficult to predict. It is increasingly important for Anderson to make wise and carefully thought out judgments and decisions about our future path.   These judgments and decisions need to be informed by the best and most relevant data available. Agency IT systems need to be developed to easily capture and promote accessibility of the most relevant information.

4. Create and design innovative interventions and measurements

At the core of our program is the provision of quality programming and services.  To remain and thrive as a leader in the field of autism service delivery it is imperative for Anderson to continuously develop and refine innovative interventions.   Further, Anderson needs to position itself at the forefront of effective and objectively proven programming and develop the necessary measurement tools to assess program effectiveness and to refine and enhance existing systems.

5. Evaluate, diversify, expand, and maximize existing and new business operations and funding

Anderson is poised to expand into new regions and markets but must do so in a planful and thoughtful manner.   Anderson must establish critical data informed systems to make and promote sound decisions on the further diversification and expansion of our service model.