Andrew Arboe

Andrew Arboe is the Director of Community Outreach of Planning Across the Spectrum.

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He reaches out to various autism/disability/neurodiversity organizations to start collaborations on empowering the community. Collaborations could be setting up speaking engagements, being involved in conferences, and connecting them to Planning Across the Spectrum’s other services. Andrew also works on the The Neurodiversity Index, a website that allows people to invest in inclusive companies. 

Andrew is also the founder of Driving with Autism, an online driver readiness webinar series that helps autistic individuals obtain their license through education and empowerment. We host seasonal 8-part webinars that goes over the expectations of driving and autism concepts that play a role in driving. We have various perks for those who sign up to one of our package plans and we help families find local resources after they complete the series. Other services include an active blog post and partnership options for driving schools and autism organizations.  

Andrew graduated from Manchester Community College with an associate degree as a Disability Specialist. Andrew is attending Charter Oak State College for a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He hopes to get certified in both autism and driver rehab fields soon. Andrew’s past employment experiences include being a job coach for Plainville Community Schools and a clinician for Autism Families CT.  

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