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To focus on an individuals’ abilities, and not their disabilities, empowers people to strive toward the highest goals imaginable. Organized sports encourage individuals to demonstrate their talent, focus, and passion and to awaken new, hidden ambition.

Regardless of what challenges we face, across all walks of life there are people who love competitive sports. Anderson Athletics’ Blue Knights get to compete in a way that ensures fair and equal, but challenging, competition to bring out the very best in everyone. Many of these athletes train at a certain level but set personal best times when competing because competition itself can be a very strong motivator. Team sports create the need to work together and think and act as a unit.

Anderson Athletics partners with Special Olympics to participate in regional competitions in a number of competitive sports. Working with Special Olympics requires that athletes train and practice in order to prepare for upcoming events. This partnership creates the opportunity for individuals to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem through skill building and leisure skills, improved physical fitness and appearance in a supported environment. The variety of competition, from equestrian to powerlifting, bocce ball to basketball, means there is something for everyone. Go Blue Knights!

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Making the decision to let our 10 year old live away from home was extremely hard, but we knew it was the best thing we could do for him. We saw the very positive changes in him over the previous few months he had spent in Anderson’s day program and we truly understood that they could provide the level of structure and continuity that is so crucial for children with autism, something that we could not achieve at home.

Parent of student in Anderson Center’s Children’s Program

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Agency Philosophy
ACA’s core philosophy is that all people deserve to live a life of quality.  ACA has evolved into an organization that has the expertise, resources and technology to enable the agency to contribute much toward the optimization of the quality of life of those it serves.

Optimizing the Quality of Life for Individuals with Autism

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