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Anderson Center Consulting envisions communities where leaders, business people, residents, consumers and government organizations work toward an ever-increasingly diverse, accessible and inclusive community.


Our Autism Supportive Programs strive to educate community members about autism, equipping them with information necessary to welcome individuals with autism into their businesses and organizations as consumers, members and employees.  

Autism Supportive Environment SM(ASE): First begun in 2015 in Dutchess County, ASE provides autism training to businesses/organizations and works with them to apply that information to better serve customers with autism and other abilities or challenges and how to hire and employ people on the autism spectrum.  To date, over 100 businesses have participated!

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Autism Supportive Community (ASC): Building upon the work completed through ASE, Anderson Center Consulting challenges communities to become better educated about autism and apply that knowledge into a community’s culture, infrastructure and planning. 

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Learn more about the Village of Rhinebeck’s journey to become the area’s first Autism Supportive Community!

Click here to watch a video about Rhinebeck’s #justonething Autism Supportive Community initiative 

Hudson Valley Magazine's The Best of Awards - Autism Awareness Collaboration Village of Rhinebeck and Anderson Center for Autism 

Autism Supportive College:  Research suggests that 0.7-1.9% of college students identify as “neurodiverse” and this may be a conservative figure, (White et al., 2011).  Anderson Center Consulting can work with colleges and universities to review current practices, train faculty and staff, and provide an improved experience for students with autism and other neurodiversities.  

Autism Supportive Medical:  This training is designed specifically for healthcare providers, such as doctors, nurses, Emergency Department staff and security staff of medical facilities.  Insight into autism spectrum disorder can enable a provider to complete a more comprehensive health assessment and provide an improved experience for the patient.  

Autism Supportive First Responder:  This training provides First Responders with information about autism as well as insight into how people with autism may react in an emergency situation.  With this training, we hope to offer First Responders strategies that will aid them in recognizing a person with autism, de-escalating a situation, and identifying options in emergency situations.

Autism Supportive Kids (ASK):  Children encounter peers with autism and other challenges in schools, sports and their communities.  ASK provides children and teens with information about autism, highlighting our similarities and explaining differences.  ASK serves as a first-step toward increased acceptance and inclusion by educating “the next generation.”

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