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1 in 68

The show beyond the statistic

Derived from the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) amongst children in the United States, 1 in 68 addresses hot topics affecting the autism community in the Hudson Valley and beyond. The unique interview format features host Eliza Bozenski of Anderson Center for Autism, New York’s premier autism treatment center, along with celebrity guests, professionals in the field, community partners, and more.

Bozenski serves as Director of Anderson Foundation for Autism and oversees the Development and Medicaid Services Coordination (MSC) departments. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Miami University of Ohio and her master’s degree in clinical social work from New York’s Columbia University.

The half-hour weekend program is produced by Pamal Broadcasting, LTD. 1 in 68 continues to serve the tri-state area as a leading autism resource since its inception in 2012.

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Eliza Bozenski, LMSW, Director of Anderson Foundation for Autism and host of 1 in 68

Conversations with Dominic Giambona, Part 1

Blue Path Service Dogs

Craig Climbs a Tree

Think Differently Jobs

Grace, Sister of Anderson Student, and Their Growing Relationship

Greg Semexant, Registered Behavioral Technician at Anderson

Blue Path Service Dogs with Jody and Caroline Sandler

Toni-Marie Ciarfella and Susanne O’Neil, Dutchess County, Access and Inclusion

Claude Porter, Staff Development, on Hiring and Retaining Great Staff

Anderson Consulting Partnership with Hayes Day School

Roosevelt Presidential Library – Autism Supportive Partner!

Mr. Anderson Ale – Throughout April!

Gallery@Rhinebeck and Autism Awareness Month

Our Passionate Staff: Meet Kate and Anthony

Best Buddies – A Mentoring Program for All

Crunch Fitness 5K for Anderson

Expressive Outcomes – Artists with Purpose

Winter Special Olympics is Back!

Anderson 2017 Leadership Transition

Kassandra – Shift Supervisor, Passionate about Learning and Growth

Dr. Peter Delisi and the Dental Van at Westchester Institute for Human Development

The Porco/Anderson Fuel Truck is on the Road!

Meet Dr. Casey Crafton: Dental Care for Children on the Spectrum

University Settlement

Nathan and Alex: Anderson Staff Working With Our Individuals

Neil J. Pollack, Anderson CEO/Executive Director Part 2

Neil J. Pollack, Anderson CEO/Executive Director Part 1

Neil J. Pollack Scholarship Fund and 2016 Annual Gala

Anderson’s Recreation Team

Landmark College – Supporting Students Who Learn Differently

Neil Pollack and David Melby: Anderson Governance

Nathan and Alex, Exceptional Anderson Staff!

Vice Principals Andrew and Jay

Meet Bryan, Direct Support Professional at Anderson

Meet Kassandra – Direct Support Professional

Meet Our Direct Support Professionals

Think Differently

Terry Gipson, 41st District Senate Candidate

Alexis Part 2

Alexis Part 1

Two Parents Talk About What Makes Anderson Special

WMD’s Mobile Dental Makes Services More Accessible

Michael Gilberg, Lawyer and Advocate on the Spectrum

Anderson Golf Classic

Think Differently Dash and Walkway Marathon

Autism Tomorrow Part 2 with Author Ron Suskind

Minimum Wage Part 2

2016 Autism Tomorrow Conference

Minimum Wage Increase

Groovy Blueberry and Ausome Apparel

Dr. Casey Crafton, DDS

Celebrating Difference

Jeep Run

Meet Staff Who’ve Grown their Careers at Anderson

LOLA (Laugh Out Loud Aid) An App for All Ages

Direct Care – A Rewarding Career Choice

Direct Support Professionals – What it Takes

Self Advocacy for Individuals with DD

Staff Initiated Special Projects for our Individuals

2015 Gala, Celebrating 91 Years

Direct Support Professionals and the Extraordinary Work They Do

Touch Medicine 4 Kids

Safe Haven Farms, Residence and Day Program for People with Autism

Upcoming Community Partner Fundraising Events

Landmark College – School for Students Who Learn Differently

“I Can Have Conversations With You” App

Silent Running: Our Family’s Journey to the Finish Line with Autism, with Robyn Schneider

Think Differently – Dutchess County’s Special Needs Initiative and More!

Latest in Stem Cell Research on Autism

It Takes Brains

Child Mind Institute

Tech Kids Unlimited – Teaching Tech to Kids Who Learn Differently

Walkway Marathon and Team Anderson

Vista Vocational & Life Skills: Preparing Adults for Community Living

Transitioning Into Adulthood: Sam’s Story

Peter Muir and the Institute for Music and Health

Purple Cherry Architects and Purposeful Architecture

Pine Bush Yoga Support Anderson!

The 2015 Autism Tomorrow Conference

Jonathan B, Marathon Runner and Anderson Adult

Community Partnerships – Providing our Adults Community-Based Opportunities

Independence Day Clothing, Apparel for Individuals with Special Sensory Needs

Mr. Anderson Ale, a Project with the Mill House Brewing Company

Thinking Differently with Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro

Consultation Services to Meet Your Needs

COO Patrick Paul and Medical Model of Service

Anderson Athletics – Integral to our Individuals’ Lives

John Coppola, Owner of Coppola’s Ristorante, Autism Supportive Business and Friend of Anderson

All about Me, An Interview with Chrissy, Anderson Adult

University Settlement at the Houston Street Center

Front Door

Good Reasons

Wellness for Anderson’s Students, Adults, and Staff

International Fellowship Program

rUNDEAD Zombie Run October 25

Expressive Outcomes Artists: In our own Voice

Catherine Maloney, President and CEO Dutchess County Economic Development

Patrick Paul

Jesse Saperstein, Author and Autism Advocate

Part 2 of Mike Camargo, Behavior Analyst Supervisor, on Applied Behavior Analysis

Part 1 of Mike Camargo, Behavior Analyst Supervisor, on Applied Behavior Analysis

Autism Move-a-thon of Orange County and Mental Health Association

Monica Holloway, Author of Cowboy & Wills

Michael Camargo, Behavior Analyst Supervisor at Anderson

Bob Shoemaker, President of PCA, Inc., and Anderson Supporter

Anderson staff Jennifer Parsons and Mid Hudson Coalition

Dr. Carol Smith, Commissioner of Health and Mental Health of Ulster County

Anderson staff Meg Riebesell Discusses Her Experience Working Abroad

Autism Rates Continue to Rise – Discussion with Anderson Family Partners

Dutchess County Executive and Father of a Child on the Spectrum Marc Molinaro

Beth Tauro of Transitions to Work, Employment Assistance for People with DD

Susan Morantes of the Dan Marino Foundation

Anderson’s 90th Birthday and Center and Foundation Board Chairs Frank Synan and Margaret Cusumano

Neurofeedback with Dr. Dan Meyer, Ph.D., BCBN, guest at 2014 Autism Tomorrow Conference

2014 Autism Tomorrow Conference with Peter Leonard

Perry Samowitz, Guest Speaker at 2014 Autism Tomorrow Conference

Peter Muir and Breaking the Silence

2014 Autism Tomorrow Conference: Opening New Doors

Todd Ruderman of Value Store It Self Storage & Autism Friendly Work Environments

Amanda Coons: Fitness and Behavior Part 2

Amanda Coons: Fitness and Behavior Part 1

Anderson’s Child to Adult Transition Program

Shannon Penrod and Autism Live

Anderson COO Patrick Paul and Latest Autism Legislation Updates

Ramapo for Children in Rhinebeck Part 2

Ramapo for Children in Rhinebeck Part 1

Supporting Anderson through Planned Giving

2013 Gala Thank You and Autism Insurance Update

Special Olympics

rUNDEAD With Teresa Gilli of Special Olympics New York

Ruby Cube Apps, Mobile Apps for Speech

Rupert Holmes Anderson 12th Annual Gala

Melissa Manchester Anderson 12th Annual Gala

Direct Support Professionals – Adult Services

Direct Support Professionals – Children’s Services

Dr. Stephen J. Blumberg, Ph.D. of CDC on Latest Autism Statistics

The Parkhurst Family Story Part 2

The Parkhurst Family Story Part 1

Staff Cindy Mowris on Anderson’s Learn & Earn Program and Benefits of Working at Anderson

Anderson’s International Fellowship Program

Writer and Lecturer Andrew Solomon on His Inspirations and Autism

Verlaine Brunot, brother of Anderson client and marathon runner Jonathan Brunot – Part 3

Verlaine Brunot, brother of Anderson client and marathon runner Jonathan Brunot – Part 2

Verlaine Brunot, brother of Anderson client and marathon runner Jonathan Brunot – Part 1

Anderson Staff and Special Olympics Coaches Amanda Coons and John DeLorenzo

DC Health Dept Coordinator for Children with Special Needs Jamie Farrel

Anderson COO Patrick Paul on Autism Awareness Month

Autism Society of the Hudson Valley 2013 Autism Walk

Dr. Vince Carbone and Dr. Sudi Kash

Senator Roy McDonald and Neil Pollack

Case Management Services

Peter Bell

Health Services Part 2

Health Services Part 1

Consultation Services


Applied Behavior Analysis

Children Services

Deanna Jent, Playwright

Transition Services

Adult Services Programs

Autism Insurance Legislation – Part 2

Author John Elder Robison

Didi Conn and Her Personal Story

Bard College Collaborative Art Program

Jesse Saperstein

Autism Insurance Legislation – Part 1

Senator Terry Gipson

Dr. Sudi Kash and Family Support Services

Board Governance

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