Health-Related Services

Anderson Center provides a full complement of the highest quality support services designed to meet the diverse health and developmental needs of our students and adults. Our related services staff is committed to improving each individual's functioning within the school, day programs, residential, and community environments.

Healthcare Services

Anderson Center is dedicated to providing superior healthcare services to address the unique health and wellness needs of the individuals we serve. Our talented Health Services team includes a nursing administrator, registered nurses, a consulting pediatrician, psychiatrist, dietary technician, and dietician who all expertly deliver evidence-based, best practice medical care.

  • Through dedicated on-site nursing services and an on-call triage system we address any healthcare needs that arise daily.
  • The Health Services staff serves as part of each individual's treatment team to collaborate with staff and their families.
  • Children and adults in our residential programs receive both routine and critical or emergency care services from respected community physicians from Albany to Westchester.
  • Anderson Center fosters long-standing relationships with community physicians who have demonstrated their dedication to our individuals by providing high-quality care.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech and language services are designed to foster and enhance the communicative and social functioning-related development of our students and adults while improving their quality of life.

  • Individuals expand their communication skills through participation in our supportive programs.
  • Targeted skills can include the development of the use of picture symbols, augmentative communication devices, verbal skills, and social skills.
  • Our team approach is designed to enhance each individual's ability to functionally communicate and implement and maintain collaborative integrated speech support services.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

Based on an assessment of each individual as a "whole person," our occupational therapy services address the sensory, fine motor, interpersonal, cognitive, and environmental factors that impact his/her ability to function in areas of school, work, play/leisure, and self-care.

  • Modalities include individual and group interventions, classroom consultations and environmental modifications.
  • Creative opportunities are often discovered and used such as our collaboration with the Good Dog Foundation using therapy dogs.
  • Our physical therapy service addresses the targeted needs of students with gross motor, coordination and/or balance deficits.
  • We focus on improving each person's ability to safely navigate and optimally function in the variety of settings in which he/she lives, learns and/or works.
  • Physical therapy works to promote health and wellness and limit physical impairment or injury.