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Britini D'Angelo

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April 10, 2022

This weekend's 1 in 44 guest is Britini D'Angelo. At 22 months old, Britini was diagnosed with autism. When she was 5, her parents enrolled her in dance lessons which enabled her to escape the stigma associated with her diagnosis, and thrive. She is still an avid dancer to this day! D’Angelo is a Niagara Falls native, she received a BFA and a masters degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education with additional certifications in Special Education and Theatre Education from Niagara University. More recently, she was a house guest on the hit CBS reality TV show Big Brother for season 23. Britini kept her autism diagnosis a secret throughout her time on the show. She courageously announced her autism diagnosis to the rest of the contestants during the Big Brother season finale saying: “I am so much more than what my disability is.” You can connect with Britini on social media! Twitter: @britinidangelo & Instagram: @britni_dangelo