ACCT Featured Training

Are you ready to expand your workforce, elevate your brand, and ensure that your autistic colleagues, clients, and customers ALL feel included, regardless of learning differences or disabilities? Learn more about Autism Supportive Employment!

Consulting & Training

Within an Applied Behavior Analytic framework, evidence-based practice guides our assessment, treatment, and training processes. Our team includes Licensed/Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Behavior Specialists, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Masters Level Special Educators, and Certified School Psychologists.

Supporting Special Needs Students During Transport

Are you the owner of a transportation company, a district transportation manager, or a driver who transports people with special needs?

Autism Supportive Programs

By providing expert training and recommending simple environmental accommodations, and consulting to the development and implementation of supportive practices, Anderson Center Consulting & Training (ACCT) empowers businesses and organizations to welcome autistic and neurodivergent individuals/customers to access and enjoy the community in the spirit of inclusivity and respect.

Parent Training

Learn skills to promote your child’s success! Anderson Center Consulting & Training offers in person and online trainings to enable parents and caregivers to learn skills and strategies to support their child’s needs.

Professional Development & Training For Educators

Supporting educational professionals in learning skills and strategies to support autistic and neurodivergent students succeed! Anderson Center Consulting & Training offers in person and online trainings. Upon request, custom trainings may be developed to meet districts’/agencies’ needs.

Consulting & Training Directory

Anderson Center Consulting & Training is deeply committed to empowering all service and training recipients with tools and strategies that can help carry out Anderson Center for Autism’s mission of optimizing the quality of life for people with autism. Contact us today!