Consulting Services

Anderson Center Consulting offers behavioral and educational consultation to school districts, service providers, agencies, private schools, businesses, and others that serve individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other neurodiversities. Service offerings include, evaluations, behavioral consultation, professional development and training, intervention assistance, environmental design, parent training, and other expertise. All consultants work closely with families, team members, and faculty.

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Educational Consultation Services
Given the increasing number of people diagnosed with ASD, Anderson Center Consulting provides school districts, preschools, service providers, agencies, and private schools, a range of consultation services that include individual consultation, program design, and professional development and training.

Student Specific Services 

  • Initial Assessment for Behavior Support
  • Meeting student’s IEP recommendations
  • Observations of student with feedback/recommendations to staff (classroom, related services, etc.)
  • Completion of FBA
  • Support in completion of FBA and development of BIP with training
  • Parent Counseling & Training to enable parents to better understand their child’s diagnoses and actively participate with their child’s CSE Team

Program-Based Services

  • Assisting administrators, faculty and staff in supporting the emotional and social well-being of students.
  • Coaching and Mentoring program
    • Baseline and progress monitoring data
    • In-classroom modeling, coaching and feedback with a goal of increasing staff skill capacity and overall integrity in sustaining classroom components
  • Administrative Support Services
    • Supporting districts and agencies in building internal capacity
    • Professional development training designed for administrators
    • Support in developing practices and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance

Click here to view our brief video to learn more about Anderson Center Consulting’s FBA and BIP Trainings and Technical Assistance services

Professional Development & Training
Trainings are available in live virtual, pre-recorded webinar, and in-person formats. Select trainings are also available in asynchronous online format. *CTLE CEUs available

  • Workshops and trainings designed to meet each districts specific needs
    • Understanding FBA & BIP Requirements: A Training for School Administrators*
    • Creating FBAs & BIPs in Alignment with NYSED Standards: A Training for Educational Staff (2-part training series)*
    • MY Student Has an FBA/BIP, Now What?: A Training for Classroom Staff
    • The Dog Ate My Homework...Strategies for Developing and Improving Executive Function Skills
    • Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder*

Click here to view our brief video and to learn more about Anderson Center Consulting’s Parent Trainings and our new online learning management system

Family Services
Parent/Caregiver Training
Trainings are offered in live virtual (as scheduled) and pre-recorded webinar formats. Select trainings are also available in asynchronous online format.

Workshops and trainings designed to a variety of support needs:

  • Help! Why Does My Child Keep Doing That?
  • Homework Survival Strategies
  • I Haven't Started It Yet! Helping Parents Understand and Improve Their Child's Executive Function Skills
  • Let's Get Visual! An Overview of Creating and Using Visual Supports
  • Let's Play! Learning through Play for Individuals with ASD

Click here to view tips for helping an individual with autism prepare for the holiday season & New Years Eve

Coaching and Mentoring
Anderson Center Consulting is proud to announce the launch of two new coaching and mentoring programs. These programs are designed to support individuals in building skills and is designed to meet each individual’s specific needs.  

  • Executive Function Coaching
  • Social Skills Coaching and Mentoring

Family Support Services
Family Support Services offers behavioral support and training funded by NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). The program provides in-home behavioral support to parents and caregivers of individuals experiencing behavioral challenges in the home and community settings.  Services focus on supporting each family’s specific needs.

Autism Community
For decades, we’ve invited and encouraged individuals with autism to become more involved in “the community”, which usually meant the neurotypical community. With diagnostic rates in the United States at 1 in 44, Anderson recognizes that today, everyone is part of the “autism community” and Anderson is helping communities become more Autism Supportive. We are neighbors, friends, family members, coworkers, professionals, and business owners. We are all the autism community. The autism community includes us.

Autism Supportive EnvironmentSM
We are proud to list all of the forward-thinking and community-minded businesses that have chosen to become and Autism Supportive EnvironmentSM by working with Anderson Center Consulting. Find the businesses you need here, knowing that they understand and appreciate your loved one on the autism spectrum.

Autism Supportive Community
With funding awarded from the Thomas Thompson Trust, we have collaborated with the Village of Rhinebeck to support their effort to establish the Village of Rhinebeck as an Autism Supportive Community. This will be the first Autism Supportive Community in our region. Business and organizations in the Village of Rhinebeck have committed to do “#1Thing” as part of the community’s efforts to be designated as an Autism Supportive Community. Those who signed on to do “#1Thing” in Rhinebeck have made at least one adjustment to their facilities or to the way they operate to accommodate people with special needs. Businesses are also encouraged to complete the Autism Supportive EnvironmentSM training program. The objective is to create a united and cohesive community that supports people with autism and their friends and loved ones.

For more information regarding becoming an Autism Supportive EnvironmentSM, an Autism Supportive Community, or our general consulting services, please call or email our Consulting Department:
Phone:  (845) 889-9616