Strategic Plan

Anderson leadership utilizes the data collected within our programs and services along with input from our team to develop mid- and long-term action steps to ensure we provide the best possible services to our clients.

1. Reinforce and strengthen agency operations

All agency decisions and team member actions will be driven by our mission of optimizing the quality of life for individuals with autism by making data informed decisions

2. Invest in our human capital

A highly qualified and trained workforce is an integral part of the current and future success of autism service provision. It is vital to the autism community to develop mechanisms to create, train and retain a qualified workforce.

3. Actively create and design innovative interventions and measurement systems

It is essential for ACA to continuously develop and refine data-informed innovative solutions using the most relevant data available.

4. Capitalize on existing and new business operations and opportunities

ACA will leverage existing expansion and consider further expansion into new regions and markets to support the autism community.