Since 1924, Anderson has provided services to children and families. We continue our tradition of exceptional care today.

Dr. Victor V. Anderson founded Anderson School in 1924 on a wooded estate overlooking the Hudson River. Dr. Anderson, a Human Resource staff at Macy’s, recognized that children with special needs would benefit from an integrated program that comprehensively addressed their educational, emotional and social needs. He began with one student. A century later, Anderson Center for Autism continues Dr. Anderson’s work; currently serving approximately 500 children and adults with autism, their loved ones and caregivers.

Through the years, Anderson has transformed from a school for emotionally and developmentally challenged students to a nationally renowned autism service agency providing the highest quality interventions for people on the autism spectrum, integrated support networks for families and guardians, and community services to build capacity and strengthen our ability to successfully support people with autism locally and around the globe.

Anderson’s campus is a haven for individuals with autism and their providers, integrating best practices in autism service and state-of-the-art tools and technology. This, plus our picturesque 100 acre campus provides the space and services for our individuals to thrive.

As a scroll found in a time capsule from the class of 1934 stated, “This is the firm rock on which we stand. All others are but shifting sand.” These words still ring true and continue to define the Anderson tradition of commitment to excellence.