Anderson Center International’s (ACI) special consultative status with the United Nations allows us to register and participate in United Nations events, conferences and other activities, sharing our expertise with the world. Anderson provides service, training, and information exchange to individuals and organizations from around the world through ACI and many collaborative arrangements with large and small organizations worldwide seeking to enrich their curriculum, expand their services, and provide evidence-based care.

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Candidates are sought with at least a Bachelor's degree in social service disciplines, i.e., mental health, special education, psychology, and related studies to apply and related work experience.

ACI provides 12-18 month opportunities and works closely with fellows throughout the year. Fellows are given the opportunity to train with experienced professionals in the social services field, contribute new ideas, and learn best practices. Fellows will then return to their countries to adopt effective approaches in their chosen fields within the social services arena. Fellows train with children and adults on the autism spectrum in a variety of roles that provide support to existing staff or case managers, special educators, etc. ACI provides fellows with a monthly stipend, accommodations, health insurance and other supports to ensure a smooth transition into the program and the United States.

ACI Mission Statement: ACI provides opportunities for valuable international exchanges.  We promote qualified individuals sharing ideas and information while encouraging diversity and cultural growth.

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For more information on becoming a fellow, please call or email our International Recruiter:
Phone:  (845) 889-9243

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