Bevarlyne Ochieng

Bevarlyne is the Coordinator for Anderson Center International.

Bevarlyne Mary Ochieng is an alumna of Kisii University, Kenya. having graduated in the Class of 2018. She completed her bachelor’s degree in law (LLB Hons), focusing on International and Human Rights Law. Throughout her academic journey, she developed a keen interest in these areas of law. After graduating, Bevarlyne gained practical experience by working in various law firms as a Paralegal and a Legal Assistant. Her exposure to the legal systems of both Kenya and the United States has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of these respective legal frameworks.
While Bevarlyne possesses a solid legal background, she is also passionate about supporting programs that foster the exchange of information and ideas to improve the quality of life for individuals within the autism spectrum. She actively engages in research, community organization, and fights for social justice.

Bevarlyne began her professional career at Anderson as a Direct Support Professional at ELM. In this role, she found fulfillment in supporting individuals and advocating for their rights and needs. Her dedication and commitment in her role led to her promotion to the Anderson Center International Coordinator. Before assuming this position, Bevarlyne served as the Anderson Center International Specialist. Overall, Bevarlyne Ochieng is a dedicated professional with a legal background, a passion for social justice, and a strong commitment to supporting individuals within the autism spectrum.