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Doris, Georgie & Savannah Palafox on 1 in 54


October 31, 2021


5:30AM - 8:00AM EST

This weekend's guests are Doris, Georgie & Savannah Palafox. They are a "three generation business", and are the founders of Exceptional Heroes.  Exceptional Heroes brings calm to people from the whole range of emotional and mental diversity. It employs a science-driven confluence of four senses to foster a clearer, happier mind via a soft, plush, comforting therapeutic companion. They are designed in collaboration with mental healthcare professionals and inspired by wellness techniques for complete inclusion! Learn more at:

Airing live:
Sunday October 31 5:30AM on WHUD 100.7FM
Sunday October 31 6:00AM on WBPM 92.9/96.5
Sunday October 31 7:30AM on Fox Oldies – WGNY 98.9FM

You can also listen on our website, or on the Apple Podcasts/Spotify Apps, just search 1 in 54!