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Brody & Janna Stirk – Brody Educates

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  • podcast icon June 19, 2022

Brody Stirk is a ten year old with ASD from the Western region of New York! He is joined by his mother Janna. Brody runs his very own YouTube channel titled Brody Educates, which focuses on “science with a sense of humor”. With recording and editing help from his mom, Brody does all his own research and is the host of the show! Brody wants to get people interested in the things he is passionate about – topics range from autism, different animal species, places in New York, and more. He also urges people to celebrate neurodiversity, and show them compassion, empathy and understanding. To find his channel, search ‘Brody Educates’ on YouTube!

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Brody & Janna Stirk – Brody Educates