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Carolyn Huston – ”James Learns He Has Autism”

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  • podcast icon June 26, 2022

This weekend’s 1 in 44 guest is Carolyn Huston. Carolyn is the mother of three children, two adult women and a young son. Her son keeps her young at heart and has introduced her to the world of autism. She can often be found at his activities, volunteering in school, or helping parents of other children with special needs. She has always dreamed of writing and sharing her stories and knowledge with others. For several years she did this as a teacher. When her son was diagnosed with autism, she decided it would be best to devote her energy to his needs. Writing and educating others about autism has enabled her to do just that and to be available for James’ needs. Tune in to learn more about Carolyn, her son, and her work. Visit: