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Sarah Kodinsky and Amanda Sharpe – Apex Social

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  • podcast icon November 28, 2023

Sarah is the CEO of Apex Social Group, Amanda is the parent of two children receiving services from Apex! Apex Social Group was founded in 2008, since then they have been a trusted provider of exceptional child care services catering to families with children of varying abilities. Their reliable Care Professionals understand how to work with children with developmental disabilities and prioritize child safety and individual needs. Apex upholds non-negotiable standards of excellence to ensure each child receives superior care, and families can trust our Care Professionals to maintain confidentiality, positive relationships, and commitment. They are a global team of moms, parents, therapists, nurses and skilled childcare professionals. Tune in to hear from Sarah, and get a parents perspective from Amanda! Visit: for more information.

Sarah Kodinsky and Amanda Sharpe – Apex Social