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Autism Supportive Community

**Autism Supportive Community Notice**
 As part of its efforts to make the Village of Rhinebeck an Autism Supportive Community, The Village and Anderson Center for Autism will offer a quiet sensory safe space for families of individuals with Autism during the 2019 Memorial Day Parade. The space will offer excellent views of the parade route and a quiet atmosphere; it is located at 47 East Market Street. The space will be available from 9:30am-12pm during the parade on May 27th - the parade kicks off at 10:30am that morning. To learn more about getting involved in our efforts to make the Village of Rhinebeck an Autism Supportive Community, please visit https://www.andersoncenterforautism.org/autismsupportivecommunity. 


In 2018/2019, with funding awarded from the Thomas Thompson Trust, we have collaborated with the Village of Rhinebeck to support their effort to establish the Village of Rhinebeck as an Autism Supportive Community.  This will be the first Autism Supportive Community in our region.

Businesses and organizations in the Village of Rhinebeck will be committing in 2019 to Do One Thing — As part of its efforts to become designated an Autism Supportive Community, those who sign on to the Do One Thing effort in Rhinebeck will pledge to make at least one adjustment to their facilities or to the way they operate. The objective is to create atmospheres throughout the village that are more supportive for people with Autism and their families. 
Completed Pledges:
Aroi Thai Restaurant: Advanced ordering option
Cale Communications: Updated their lighting to be softer, more autism friendly
Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce: “Do One Thing” at public events, 2018 Holiday Tree Lightning was an Autism Supportive Event
Rhinebeck Masonic Lodge: Hosted a Cinco De Mayo fundraiser for the ASC initiative
Terrapin Restaurant: Reduced noise in the dining space, now offering take-out and curb-side pickup as well as limited wait times
Village of Rhinebeck Police Department: All Village police vehicles are equipped with Autism Awareness Kits (sensory items & noise cancelling headphones) 
Upcoming Pledges: 
A.L Stickle Variety Store: Will offer reduced wait times
Anite Ferri Realty: Will hold an agency wide awareness meeting for real estate agents
The Clothes Tree: Will offer sensory kits, create visual supports, offer reduced wait times and create volunteer positions
Hom: Will offer a sensory space and lowered lighting
Hudson Valley Magazine: Will publish articles for ACA & ASC 
Jack M. Mancus MD: Will reduce noise & volumes, eliminate safety hazards.
Kroeg: Will offer sensory kits and a trained staff member for emergencies
Land of Oz Toys: Will offer haircuts in a quiet and safe environment
No Sugar: Will offer sensory kits
Orthopedic Associates of Dutchess County: Will develop a social story, offer a quiet/sensory space and reduced wait times 
Pegasus Footwear: Will offer sensory kits
Rhinebeck School District: Will swap out their current lighting for softer, more autism friendly lighting
Ruge’s Automotive: Will offer their showroom as a sensory safe place during Porchfest 2019
Village Hall: Will swap out their current lighting for softer, more autism friendly lighting
Village Pizza: will offer sensory kits, create volunteer opportunities, offer reduced wait times and eliminate safety hazards
Winter Sun Summer Moon: Will offer sensory kits/items



To learn more about becoming an Autism Supportive Community, contact our Consulting Department at 845-889-9616 or AndersonConsulting@AndersonCares.org