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Anderson Supportive Programs
Often families of individuals with autism find themselves isolated from their communities and unable to participate in activities we take for granted such as dining out, running errands, enjoying community events or recreation activities.  Anderson Consulting Services offers its Autism Supportive Environment Program designed to assist businesses, government agencies and civic organizations in understanding serving and supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families.  Our experience is that individuals and families are more likely to access community/business offerings when there is an increased understanding of the challenges many people with autism experience.

Autism Awareness Training 
Our Autism Awareness Training is offered to community organizations interested in learning more about autism spectrum disorder.

First Responder Training
Our First Responder training provides information and strategies to assist first responders in supporting individuals with autism and other special needs.

Autism Supportive Environment℠
Our Autism Supportive EnvironmentSM program (ASE) is a community partnership designed to assist businesses in understanding, serving and supporting individuals with ASD and their families. By becoming an Autism Supportive Environment Autism Supportive Environment℠, your business is recognized as a bridge of acceptance and support and a community partner.
Nearly 100 businesses have become an Autism Supportive EnvironmentSM!

Autism Supportive Community
Anderson Center Consulting offers assistance to communities in their efforts of becoming more supportive through education, training, and establishing a welcoming/inclusive culture.

Autism Supportive Work Environment
The Autism Supportive Work Environment program offers consultation services and trainings to businesses/employers with considerations for interviewing, on-boarding and sustaining employees with autism spectrum disorder and related special needs.


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