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Anderson Center For Autism Launches Website Designed With Participants In Mind

Date February 4, 2021

Executives from Anderson Center for Autism (ACA) announced today that the organization has gone live with a new website built by Dunn Solutions Group.

The site, which showcases program information, video interviews, admissions and human resources portals, details on events, autism-related resources, and giving/sponsorship options, among other areas of interest, was designed “in the spirit of what we do,” said Patrick Paul, CEO and Executive Director at Anderson Center for Autism. “With a clean look and easy-to-navigate layout, we hope that it reflects our commitment to people with autism, who tend to prefer visual storytelling. Although most of our students won’t necessarily use the site, we felt it was important to capture the essence of our work through our digital real estate, and I think that we’ve really achieved that goal. We’re very excited to get feedback from the families we serve and the broader communities we reach from all over the United States and the world.”

Autism now impacts 1 in 54 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control (2020). The neurological disorder with no known cause or cure presents with sensory processing and communication challenges. Anderson, which first opened its doors in 1924, now provides educational, vocational, residential, and recreational programs for people with autism from all over the country. One of its initiatives, Anderson Center International, even trains professionals who come from dozens of countries from all corners of the globe.

The website was the result of months of remote collaboration during the global pandemic. Anderson’s Development and Information Technology teams worked via teleconference calls with Dunn Solutions, a digital commerce and business transformation consultancy located in Chicago, IL. Anderson draws students from the Chicago area, along with participants from throughout the country.

“It is truly awe-inspiring to see a project like this come to life at a time when in-person meetings with our website developers were off the table. The effort speaks to the power of digital communication and the fact that remote work is really having its moment right now,” said Eliza Bozenski, Chief Development Officer, Anderson Foundation for Autism. “Dunn Solutions has brought tremendous value to our organization. We are confident that this will help us build greater awareness of Anderson’s role in the global autism community, all while supporting website visitors with needed information and resources.”

“Dunn Solutions is proud to be part of Anderson Center for Autism’s new digital presence,” said William Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions. “It was important to create a website that not only was pleasing to look at but also communicated important information about ACA around their programs, capabilities, and partners to truly be a resource to the community they serve.”

Added Paul: “When families are exploring residential and educational opportunities for their loved ones, or community leaders are looking to gain a deeper understanding of what they can do to help carry out our mission of optimizing the quality of life for people with autism, we believe this new website will provide them with the same kind of warm welcome and high-level resources that we deliver every day at Anderson Center for Autism.”

Learn more by visiting andersoncenterforautism.org.

About Anderson Center for Autism:

Anderson Center for Autism is a nonprofit organization based in Staatsburg, New York that provides educational, vocational, and residential services to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism presents with communication, social, and sensory processing challenges and now impacts 1 in 54 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Our mission at Anderson Center for Autism is to optimize the quality of life for people with autism. For more information, call 845.889.9208 or visit http://www.AndersonCenterForAutism.org.

About Dunn Solutions:

Dunn Solutions (http://www.dunnsolutions.com) is a digital commerce and business transformation consultancy focused on delivering Velocity to its clients. Velocity is achieved by the combination of both speed and direction. Dunn Solutions helps its clients achieve speed by automating business processes and direction using advanced analytics. Dunn Solutions aligns with organizations to optimize their unique processes and help them discover the most profitable routes to business success. Dunn Solutions has been delivering Velocity to organizations since our inception in 1988. Dunn Solutions is headquartered in the Chicago area and has offices in Minneapolis and Bangalore, India.