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Dominic Giambona

Author Kathy Welsh
Date May 2, 2018

STAATSBURG – Anderson Center for Autism today acknowledged the death of its former executive director Dominic Giambona, who purchased the center from the Anderson family in 1976 and led the organization for approximately two decades thereafter.

Giambona is widely known by Anderson staff and families past and present as a man who cared deeply about protecting the Anderson family’s legacy of providing care and services for those with special needs, which began when the Andersons started the program in 1924.

Patrick Paul, CEO and Executive Director of Anderson Center for Autism said, “Dominic was Executive Director at a crucial time in Anderson’s history and as with many of Anderson’s past heroes, he stepped up and was instrumental in Anderson’s continuation and success. We will always be grateful to him.”

Carol Weber, assistant director of human resources and employee of the organization since 1984, reflected, “The impression he made on the young people here during his time at Anderson was really special. Our alumni affectionately refer to him as ‘Mr. G’; he clearly loved working with our students and residents. Just this past July, he gifted t-shirts to everyone in attendance at our reunion; people came from all over the country – from northeastern states like Connecticut and New Jersey all the way to the west coast – California and Washington. He set the tone that made all of these people feel so connected and cared for; he did so much for everyone we serve, and they felt it.”

Eliza Bozenski, Chief Development Officer, Anderson Foundation for Autism, explained, “Organizations like ours attract very compassionate people who want to work in a field where they can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Dominic Giambona’s leadership will always be symbolic of just how substantial your impact can be when your work is aligned with your own values.”

Giambona’s obituary can be found at: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/palmbeachpost/obituary.aspx?n=dominic-a-giambona&pid=188835491

To learn more about Anderson Center for Autism, whose mission it is to optimize quality of life for people with autism, visit andersoncenterforautism.org.