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Local Autism Center has Global Reach

Author Orie Givens
Date March 28, 2018

Fellows from across the globe travel to Dutchess County to learn how to educate and care for people living with autism.

Providers go to Anderson Center for Autism, where they spend 12 months or more working with children and adults in residential and educational settings. The program is designed to help international caregivers learn directly from people with autism so that they can bring the skills and knowledge back to their home countries.

“What we offer them is an opportunity to get a hands-on approach to direct care,” said Anderson Center for Autism International Program Coordinator Estee Gardinier, “something they will not be able to learn anywhere else in this world. So they come over here and they have an opportunity to learn. We offer them hope and direction.”

The program has brought people from more than 80 countries to study at Anderson Center, and works with people from a social services background.