Agency Philosophy
ACA's core philosophy is that all people deserve to live a life of quality.  ACA has evolved into an organization that has the expertise, resources and technology to enable the agency to contribute much toward the optimization of the quality of life of those it serves.

Mission, Vision & Values Statements

MISSION - Optimizing the Quality of Life for Individuals
with Autism

VISION - Anderson Center for Autism as a world-class provider and leader



  • Supporting the individuals we serve in living the lives they choose
  • Respecting, trusting and encouraging each other to demonstrate initiative, authority, skill and inspiration
  • Extending our impact by advocating in multiple venues for the broader needs and rights of people with autism and their families

Nurturing Interdependence

  • Recognizing that our work does not exist in a vacuum
  • Expecting respectful interactions between the people we serve and our staff and management
  • Actively fostering an open exchange of ideas with a sustained focus on collaboration among teams towards a common end
  • Growing and deepening mutually beneficial relationships with families, donors, funders and other community partners


  • Delivering programs, services and a culture that adhere to the highest principles of care
  • Holding ourselves to measurable outcomes to determine our success in achieving our mission
  • Being transparent with each other and our constituents; always placing the greater good of the people we serve above our own needs


  • Continuously searching for and creating new opportunities and ways of providing service
  • Encouraging and rewarding thoughtful risk taking to overcome challenges
  • Supporting and encouraging creativity and self-determination


  • Grounding our work in a core belief in the inherent value of each individual, and our shared capacity to learn and grow
  • Building on strengths and supporting each other to create a stronger team and achieve new heights
  • Being able to understand the perspective of the individuals we serve as well as our coworkers

High Expectations

  • All individuals achieving a life of quality
  • All staff achieving great things when supported, challenged and acknowledged
  • All families becoming an on-going, integral and contributing member of the circle of support for their loved one