Anderson Early Learning Academy, Latham, NY

Anderson Early Learning Academy (AELA) is a NYS approved 4410 program that provides children ages 3-5 years of age opportunities to learn in an environment that is developmentally appropriate and teaches the skills needed to be successful in kindergarten.

Location: 7 Century Hill Drive, Latham NY 12110
Hours: 8:30AM to 2:00PM

We are confident that providing quality, evidence-based instruction, skilled professionals, an interactive educational setting, and fostering partnerships among caregivers, schools, and the community can guide young learners towards a successful learning path.

Classrooms features:

  • Individual, small, and whole group instruction
  • Math, reading and language arts curricula
  • Daily student learning data
  • In-classroom delivery of related services
  • Functional communication supports
  • Visual and environmental supports
  • Intentional teaching of school readiness and social interaction skills
  • High rates of verbal praise and social recognition
  • Classroom Teams include Special Education Teacher, Teacher’s Aides, Teaching Assistants, Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist (as needed), Supervising Behavior Analyst
  • Classroom Teachers, Teacher Assistants and Teacher’s Aides receive ongoing training in applied behavior analysis and the implementation of positive behavior supports from Licensed Behavior Analysts
  • Classroom Staff/Teacher communicate with families daily via a secure web based program and as needed per caregiver-teacher discussion and agreement
  • A typical school day includes a variety of structured learning opportunities while also encouraging students to play, problem-solve, explore, enjoy a book, run outside, develop friendships, and create with art supplies
  • Daily activities and lessons serve multiple purposes
Activity/Lesson Content Focus Embedded Skills
Morning Meeting Calendar skills, counting, word recognition Attending to teacher, taking turns, waiting, listening to directions
One-to-one Teaching Readiness, language, math, reading, social skills Following directions, scanning, fine motor
Group Lesson Social skills, social studies, science Attending to teacher, following directions, answering questions, raising hand, sharing materials
Snack/Lunch Daily living skills Communication/language, planning, social skills, cleaning up
Structured Playtime Play skills, social skills Communication/language, problem-solving, sharing, fine motor skills, taking turns, gross motor skills
Storytime English Language Arts Listening, auditory comprehension, turning book pages, pointing to main characters, answering  questions, using imagination
  Using art materials; following a process Following directions, making choices, sharing, communication skills

For more information regarding Anderson Early Learning Academy, please contact our AELA Team:
Phone:  (518) 641-1119
Contact our AELA Team

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