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Tracy-Ann & Jamiyl Samuels – T.A.S.K

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  • podcast icon March 13, 2022

This weekend’s 1 in 44 guests are Tracy-Ann and Jamiyl Samuels. Tracy-Ann & Jamiyl are authors, spreading awareness for individuals with autism through their children’s books. As the parents of a child on the autism spectrum, they have advocated on behalf of this community with respect to access to education and services, anti-bullying, interfamily communications and social dynamics. The Amazingly Sensational Kids (T.A.S.K.) book series, The Amazingly Awesome Amani and Sensationally Super Sandy, are inspired by their son Trey’s courageous journey as a child with autism. Tune in to learn more about T.A.S.K , or visit their site:

Tracy-Ann & Jamiyl Samuels – T.A.S.K