Autism Supportive Programs

Autism Supportive Programs, began with the creation of the Autism Supportive Environment℠ program in 2012 and has evolved to 6 programs at this time. Autism Supportive Programs are designed to enable participants to better understand, support, and serve autistic and neurodivergent individuals.

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Autism Supportive Environment℠

By providing expert training and recommending simple environmental accommodations, and consulting to the development and implementation of supportive practices, Anderson Center Consulting & Training (ACCT) empowers businesses and organizations to welcome autistic and neurodivergent individuals/customers to access and enjoy the community in the spirit of inclusivity and respect.

ACCT developed targeted training to educate community providers who support autistic and neurodivergent individuals in medical and emergent situations. These trainings are designed for First Responders and Healthcare Professionals.

We are proud to list all of the forward-thinking and community-minded businesses that have chosen to become and Autism Supportive Environment℠ by working with ACCT. Find the businesses you need here, knowing that they understand and appreciate your loved one on the autism spectrum.

Click here for a list of businesses that have completed the Autism Supportive Environment training

Autism Supportive Community

ACCT supports community leaders in developing and implementing a plan to become a supportive community for autistic and neurodivergent individuals. The plan includes measurable objectives, opportunities to educate community/business/service organization members about ASD and supportive practices that can be implemented by community businesses/organizations.

Click here for a list of businesses that have completed the Autism Supportive Community training

Village of Rhinebeck – Autism Supportive Community

Autism Supportive College

Having received inquiries about available support and training to assist college students successfully engage in and graduate from higher education programs, ACCT viewed the issue through and Autism Support lens.

Faculty and staff training, identifying existing and necessary supportive recourse for autistic and nuerodiverse students, as well as policy, procedure and systems that promote and sustain inclusive practices within the college/university setting, were among the criteria identified by ACCT when designing the Autism Supportive College Program.

SUNY Empire State College – Autism Supportive College

*Autism Supportive Employment 

Autism Supportive Employment Program is currently in the development phase.  Stayed tuned for more information.

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