Carolyn Weber

“I have been working at Anderson for 40 years, I started in January of 1984.

My favorite memory over the years, it’s hard to pick just one – seeing the pride and joy on the faces of our team members and the parents of our students at special events for their children i.e.: graduation, prom, Special Olympics, every day achievements, having a parent tell you how their child has come such a long way during their time here. Parents saying they like being able to go to family events with all of their children, not just the ones that live with them at home.

I work at Anderson because it gives me a purpose. You do become attached to the students as you see them progress through the school program, graduate, and become young and older adults in our programs. I am thrilled to see how Anderson has progressed in just the time that I have been here. This program has gone from being a school, to giving our residents a home where they can feel safe. Where they can continue to learn to express themselves in everyday life. I feel a sense of pride knowing that Anderson continues to grow and offers programs, ideas, and growth to the community as well as educators, school districts and businesses.”