Comfort, stability, social and community involvement, a home to call their own… and the list goes on. These are the aspirations of all young people facing the journey into adulthood. For individuals with autism and their families, the path may be different, but the hopes and dreams are the same and are within reach with the right support and assistance.

Anderson Center's Adult Residential Program offers a complete array of specialized services designed to enrich the lives of adults with autism. This unique program supports our adults' continued development and growth toward the achievement of a well-rounded lifestyle and integration into the community.

Program at a glance:

  • Adults live in homes known as Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) in Dutchess, Ulster and Orange Counties.
  • Programming is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
  • LIFELONG LEARNING℠ opportunities in communication, daily living, recreation, and leisure activities are provided daily.
  • Anderson Center sees each resident as an individual person and is dedicated to developing their interests and skills to their full potential.
  • The program assures that each individual's decisions are respected and individual preferences are incorporated into the planning of activities.
  • Residents are presented with a diverse selection of recreational and community involvement opportunities including shopping, hobbies, arts, and Special Olympics.
  • Family involvement is encouraged. We offer opportunities for individuals to develop and maintain relationships with their families, friends, and community members.