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Autism dramatically affects the lives of all who face it…the child, parents, family and more. And autism affects individuals in dramatically different ways.

At Anderson Center for Autism, our students exhibit a wide range of skills and abilities, with moderate to severe learning, communicative and behavioral challenges. Through our innovative year-round day and residential children’s programs, we are committed to providing a comprehensive array of LIFELONG LEARNINGSM opportunities while meeting the unique educational, social, emotional and communicative needs of each student we serve.

Our programs are designed to build independence by teaching activities across home, school and community settings.

  • A Relationship Built on Trust – We understand that parents are entrusting us with their children and it is that relationship of trust that is the foundation on which we, and our students grow.
  • A Safe, Supportive and Enriching Environment – Our children’s programs are designed to consistently challenge each student to the limits of his/her own abilities in a safe, supportive and enriching environment that motivates learning and stimulates personal growth.
  • Impressive Instructor to Student Ratios – Our instructor to student ratio allows for the intense, focused care necessary to address our students’ diverse needs.
  • Compassionate Specialized Care – Anderson Center’s exceptional staff shares an uncommon sense of dedication and compassion and a creative approach to teaching our curriculum.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis and Complementary Therapies – Based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, our treatment approach focuses on techniques, therapies and interventions that use positive reinforcement to teach our students the skills they need to strive for independence and reach their full potential.
  • Demonstrated Results – Anderson Center’s evidence-based methods demonstrate realistic, steady progress.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities – From our comfortable classrooms and residences to superior technology, materials and more, we make great strides to ensure the outstanding facilities, supportive equipment/materials, and variety of activities that make the experiences here the best they can be.

To learn more about our day, residential and afterschool children’s programs as well as the life skills development programming provided for all Anderson Center students, please click the links below:

He has grown up to be a wonderful young man with a great disposition thanks to Anderson Center’s commitment to LifeLong Learning℠.

Parent of student in Anderson Center’s Children’s Day Program

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Agency Philosophy
ACA’s core philosophy is that all people deserve to live a life of quality.  ACA has evolved into an organization that has the expertise, resources and technology to enable the agency to contribute much toward the optimization of the quality of life of those it serves.

Optimizing the Quality of Life for Individuals with Autism

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