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Community Based Services

Anderson Center for Autism provides consultation, support and training to individuals, families, school districts, and community agencies affected by autism spectrum disorders or other related developmental disabilities. With the guiding belief that the best options for success and improved quality of life occur when supports are provided within the natural environment, we strive to educate and support individuals on the autism spectrum in their home community setting.

Our consultation program is designed to empower all who surround, teach and live with individuals on the spectrum by providing effective education, training and treatment within the framework of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

The Consultation Team

Our consultants are highly trained in the field of autism and related developmental disabilities. The team consists of

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts and consultants pursuing certification
  • Speech language pathologists and therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Masters Level Special Educators and other professionals with extensive knowledge of autism and developmental disabilities

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For more information please call (845) 889-9200.


Just over 30 years ago, I made the hardest decision of my life and moved my eight year old son with autism to what was then Anderson School. I knew he could benefit greatly from immersion in a program devoted to his specific needs. Of course, I’ve remained very active in his life and am thrilled that his progression over the years at Anderson Center has been amazing. The staff is made up of such special people with a unique sense of dedication to the individuals they serve. And, their expertise, dedication and hard work is rewarded every day in the difference they make in the lives of the students and adults.

Parent of individual in Anderson Center’s Adult Program

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Agency Philosophy
ACA’s core philosophy is that all people deserve to live a life of quality.  ACA has evolved into an organization that has the expertise, resources and technology to enable the agency to contribute much toward the optimization of the quality of life of those it serves.

Optimizing the Quality of Life for Individuals with Autism

Anderson Center for Autism as a world-class provider and leader


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