Day Habilitation Program

LifeLong LearningSM is more than just a tag line, it is our approach to all we do in Anderson Center for Autism’s adult day services. Learning new skills and discovering new passions is what makes life interesting and meaningful.

Day Habilitation Program

Anderson’s day programming is offered in myriad ways. We run four LifeLong LearningSM Centers in Ulster and Dutchess Counties. Many individuals in our adult services program attend one of these centers during the week, however over years of increasing ingenuity, creativity and resources, these centers primarily serve as a “home base” for individuals, where they start their day, socialize with their peers, practice a new skill, and then head out into the community to put those skills into action.

At Anderson you won’t see anyone engaging in meaningless “busy work”, rather you’ll observe staff interacting directly with individuals whether the focus is on cooking skills, learning how to use a new piece of exercise equipment or technology, communication skill development, or even gardening and art.

An often heard phrase from adults at Anderson during a brief interaction is, “I have to go now, I have to go to work”. This phrase can mean paid work or a volunteer opportunity but it spells out the overall concept that is our foundation: a life of quality has meaning to each individual. Having something important to do is a key aspect of one’s quality of life.

In addition to the centers, Anderson also facilitates tremendous engagement with the community through our Community Integration Group and additional opportunities for individuals to volunteer in local businesses, making a direct impact on their home communities.