Education Program

One visit to the Anderson Education Center and you’ll see a building bustling with children walking (or on scooters, or a trike perhaps) through hallways alongside some peers and a member of the Anderson team, heading to a special like gym or art, maybe to lunch in our cafeteria, or back from a trip to health services to their classroom.

Anderson Education Program

All Anderson classrooms are designed to have 6 students, one Masters level Certified Special Education Teacher, and a number of Teacher Aides/Assistants. Students are grouped in classrooms based on their age and academic level.

We offer push-in and pull-out related services, health services on-site, and specials such as music, gym and art all taught by certified specialists in their field.

Residential students walk to and from their campus residences to the education setting, adding to the “village” feel of the campus. Day students arrive by bus and leave at the end of their school day. The school is open year-round, with planned school breaks around major holidays, spring break, and in the summer.

The day is busy and encompasses a mix of traditional learning units, often through the use of technology including Smartboards in every classroom, as well as daily living and pre-vocational skills training. We also have a gardening program and many opportunities to practice social skills every day. The education program is rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis, which leads to many successful outcomes for our students.