Autism Supportive Employment

Are you ready to expand your workforce, elevate your brand, and ensure that your autistic colleagues, clients, and customers ALL feel included, regardless of learning differences or disabilities?

Our team at Anderson Center Consulting and Training offers onsite and online programs to support your diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility efforts – which will not only optimize the quality of life for autistic and neurodivergent employees, but likewise for the colleagues who benefit from working with them!

According to the Autism Society, 58% of workplace accommodations cost $0; the other 42% typically cost just $500! And the rewards are PRICELESS.

Join the dozens of visionary businesses – large and small – who have put compassion into action, gained designation as autism supportive, and are differentiating themselves in a competitive workforce.

“DEI fosters a workplace that embraces the unique strengths and perspectives of all individuals. The return on investment for companies lies in the enriched creativity, innovation, and productivity a diverse and inclusive workforce offers, along with a welcoming and responsive environment for all customers.”

-Jamie Bloom, EVP, Chief Banking Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Rhinebeck Bank

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