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Fifteen Anderson Center for Autism Students Prepare to Graduate

Author Kathy Welsh
Date May 31, 2017

STAATSBURG – Anderson Center for Autism announced on Wednesday that fifteen students will celebrate graduation on June 23, 2017.

The education program at Anderson Center for Autism, which utilizes proactive and support strategies to promote academic, social, and emotional development, is geared toward students with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder who range in age from 5 to 21.

“Using a Positive Behavioral Supports model, we work to empower students with the communication, social interaction, organization, and daily living skills they need to optimize independence and success, both at home and in the workplace. Each student has a personalized educational plan that is designed to address areas of deficit and to maximize strengths. They all work tirelessly and we are in awe of each one of our graduates; it will be a very exciting day for all of us,” says Patrick Paul, CEO and Executive Director of Anderson Center for Autism.

Adds Eliza Bozenski, Director of the Anderson Foundation for Autism, “Some of these students have been with us from the very beginning, when they were learning essentials like listening skills and turn-taking. Others joined Anderson during middle school years, at which point we are more focused on academic development, but also begin to explore vocational learning opportunities. Every one of them has made significant progress and makes us incredibly proud. Graduation is, of course, a meaningful milestone for all kids – but for students with Autism who have navigated communication and learning challenges, it is especially moving to watch them smile on graduation day as we all celebrate their achievements.”

The 2017 Anderson Center for Autism graduates will include Ju Yuan C., Ryan C., Vincent G., Nathaniel H., John H., Joseph H., Alexander I., Shemar L., Marcus L., Asaad M., Katherine M., Jonathan PB., John R., Ronald T., and Albert T. (last names are not released to protect the privacy of each student).

The collaborative, interdisciplinary education program at Anderson Center for Autism incorporates behavioral analytic teaching strategies, interventions, and evaluative data review; visual, environmental, sensory, and communication supports are utilized as needed by the team of behavior specialists and analysts, speech and occupational therapists, and certified special educators. Classroom content is developed in context of New York State Learning Standards, and progress is measured against goals set forth in IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) developed and adopted annually for each student.

For more information, call 845.889.9208 or visit andersoncenterforautism.org.