Children's Services

Anderson Center for Autism provides educational, residential, recreational and life skills services to children with autism ages 5 through 21. Our goal is to optimize the quality of life for every child who receives care and services from our team of dedicated experts.

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Education Program

Classrooms at Anderson Center for Autism are bustling with students engaged in learning, in a bright, welcoming space that encourages social skill development combined with an efficient and effective use of technology. Learning is fun and practical for all Anderson students, with small class size and a variety of specials and unique experiences sprinkled throughout each day.

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Residential Program

Residential life is less about “residential” and more about “life” at Anderson Center for Autism. With our unwavering commitment to optimizing the quality of life for every person we serve, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that residential students live their best lives in beautiful homes, spread throughout a gorgeous campus, enjoying after-school, and weekend recreation and leisure activities as well as visits from family and friends.

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