Residential Program

Adults ages 21 and over enjoy their lives of quality in stunning group homes (Individual Residential Alternatives, or IRAs) located in residential neighborhoods throughout the Hudson Valley.


Residential Program


Each home is chosen based on location, accessibility and functionality for the group of typically five individuals who will reside there. Staffed by a rotating shift of dedicated professionals, the residents receive excellent supervision and support, while living in an atmosphere that feels like family.

Oftentimes, residents and staff shop, cook and eat meals together, or go on community outings. All of the residents’ needs are taken care of within the surrounding community supports such as doctor visits, grocery and clothes shopping, and recreation.


We see the transition into an adult program as a milestone, as well as a step into the lifelong future of that individual. At Anderson, we are here for the long-term. Family engagement is deeply important in this part of our program, with family visitation strongly encouraged. We are partners with family members and individuals in our adult program, all working together to create a lifelong plan full of continued skill development and application, volunteer and work opportunities, recreation, creativity, leisure, and meaning.


Anderson runs 25 IRAs spanning three counties. We are proud to say that our relationship with neighbors and community leaders in all of those areas are positive and strong. We maintain the homes ourselves with regular maintenance visits and on-going emphasis on the beauty of the homes and the ability for all residents to enjoy their “forever homes”.