Residential Program

All people deserve to live a life of quality. This is the phrase that comes to mind as one walks through the beautiful setting of our children’s residential campus.

Residential Program

Lovely homes with welcoming porches and entryways, well-kept grounds and paved paths that invite you to explore the open spaces, playgrounds, park, recreation center, outdoor pool, wooded trails and much more, are what you will see as you set foot on our grounds. Where academics and skill development opportunities abound during the weekday, the rest of the time your loved one spends at Anderson outside of school is fulfilling in a different way. The feeling is relaxed, joyful, social, and alive with creativity.

Residential homes are decorated in a classic style with comfortable, quality, and durable furnishings. There are opportunities for students to share or have a single bedroom. The ability and needs of the student is always considered. All homes have a shared living space. kitchen, laundry room, multiple bathrooms and windows to enjoy the views of our surroundings and bring in the natural light. Each student feels right at “home” in their new home away from home, putting family concerns about this aspect of placement, to rest.

We hear again and again from our visitors, “This doesn’t feel like other residential facilities I have toured, it feels like home”. And, while Anderson’s residential campus is not meant to replace home life, we do strive to make it a place where students and families alike are welcome. Students move from home to home based on age, and all transitions are handled with care and consideration for the type of support that each individual will benefit from. We encourage family visits and offer two private family visiting rooms in our Village Center, each with a private bathroom, kitchenette and living room space, free of charge for any family looking to visit their loved one for a day visit on campus whether for a short time, or even to celebrate a birthday!.

Anderson’s residential program is far more than a safe place to be in between school and visits home. It is about making friends, becoming independent, playing, cooking, eating, gardening, creating art, getting exercise, going on community outings and living a life of quality, to the fullest!.