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Eliza Bozenski


(845) 889-9594


Eliza is Chief Development Officer and also oversees the Development and Case Management departments. Eliza joined Anderson Center in 2006 as the Supervisor of Community and Education Supports and held the position of Director of Community Services during which she aided the transition of the MSC department from serving only adults to incorporating children’s services, as well as serving children and families in the broader community. Additionally from 2008 through 2011, as Director of Clinical Services she helped strengthen behavioral services at Anderson to better support the individuals we serve. And before making her way to Anderson in 2006, Eliza was the Director of Admissions for Woodstock Day School, Home Center Director/Assistant to the Associate Director of The Mead School, and Early Intervention Service Coordinator for Leake and Watts, Inc. She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology (Miami University of Ohio) and a Master’s Degree in clinical social work (Columbia University). In addition to her work at Anderson, Eliza serves on the Board of Trustees of RUPCO. Eliza is also the host of 1 in 36, a weekly podcast covering all things related to autism.