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Gregg Paulk


(845) 889-9205


Gregg is the Chief Information Officer. He is responsible for the day-to-day oversight, coordination, and security of all aspects of the IT Department: responsible for developing an effective, efficient, and cutting edge technologies, strategic vision that supports implementing changes pertinent to the smooth, secure, reliable, and continuous operation of the computer systems, network, and communications infrastructure. In 2003, Gregg became the first Information Technologies Manager for the agency. Under his leadership, Anderson Center has deployed the latest networking technology and computer systems, including campus-wide fiber optic and WiFi networks, intelligent whiteboards in every class. Agency-wide deployment includes a state of the art video teleconference system and Star2Star VoIP phone and notification services. Before moving to the Hudson Valley, he was president of LCP, an IT consulting firm in South Carolina, for ten years. Before joining Anderson Center, Gregg held technical and consulting positions with AT&T Mobility, Wang Laboratories, and MCI. He received his initial electronics training while serving in the United States Navy and obtained various technical and leadership certifications with Wang, MCI, Microsoft, Ultimate software, and others and is an Alumni of SUNY Empire College. In 2017 he led a multi-department team to be awarded the Ultimate Software HCM Innovations Award. He was named a Gold Medal Laureate award winner from Computer World in 2009 for implementing the award-winning NEC HydraStor storage array. He is also 1st Vice-Chairman of Gateway Hudson Valley board of directors.