Vance Anderson Gage

Vance is the grandson of Anderson’s founder, Dr. Victor Vance Anderson. Vance was raised on the Anderson campus in Staatsburg and graduated from the Anderson School in 1958. He was extremely involved in extracurriculars and sports during his time at the school from his role as the Track Manager and the Alpha Beta Representative, to being a member of the varsity soccer team, and the basketball squad, along with numerous other club memberships and committee titles. After attending Haverford College, Vance returned to the Anderson School to teach World History and English. Vance recalls teaching Our Town, a play written by American playwright Thornton Wilder to his students at Anderson.

Vance remained involved at Anderson long after his family sold the property and school, serving on the AFA board for 16 years. He also helped brew the Mr. Anderson Ale with brewmasters at Mill House Brewing Company in 2014. The beer is a Scottish style ale, a callback the Anderson’s family roots in Scotland. MHBC continues to brew Mr. Anderson Ale every April in honor of Autism Acceptance Month, and Vance always attends the launch party! Vance recalls his memories at the Anderson School fondly, stating he still keeps in touch with some of his students to this day!

Vance will be honored at this year’s Centennial Gala with the V.V. Anderson Community Service Award.