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Lisa Audi on 1 in 54


November 07, 2021


5:30AM - 8:00AM EST

This weekend's guest is Lisa Audi, Board President & founder of Bring on the Spectrum. Bring on the Spectrum will be a community space and sensory gym, located in New York's Capital Region, for individuals of all ages and abilities. They will host social, recreational and lifestyle activities of all kinds for the neurodiverse. Integrated activities include art, Improv, video creation, yoga, drama/theatre, music, e-sports, fitness and more. In short, social, recreational and lifestyle to build friendships and/or just have fun! Stay tuned for the upcoming grand opening:

Airing live:
Sunday November 7 5:30AM on WHUD 100.7FM
Sunday November 7 6:00AM on WBPM 92.9/96.5
Sunday November 7 7:30AM on Fox Oldies – WGNY 98.9FM

You can also listen on our website, or on the Apple Podcasts/Spotify Apps, just search 1 in 54!