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109th Airlift Wing Donates 100 New Computers to Anderson Center for Autism

Date July 31, 2018

109th Airlift Wing Donates 100 New Computers to Anderson Center for Autism

Anderson Center for Autism announced today that it recently received a donation of 100 computers as a result of the 109th Airlift Wing and Department of Defense’s Computers for Learning (DOD CFL) program. The DOD CFL program provides IT equipmentto schools and educational nonprofit organizations serving grades pre-K through 12, allowing for the transfer of excess and surplus DOD IT equipment.

Coordinated by a parent of an Anderson Center for Autism student, Senior Master Sgt. Patrick Reimann, SMSGT USAF 109th AW, the donation replaces older technology at the nonprofit organization. According to Reimann, the computers would have been returned to the Defense Logistics Agency for repurpose or destruction were it not for the donation program.

“Government paperwork is not easy, but the staff at Anderson are great and together we worked hard to get this done. My son has been at Anderson for years, and I know how helpful donations can be. These computers are practically new – only 4 years old – and still have alot of life left in them, at least 5-6 years’ worth. By getting our request for the donation approved, cleaning up the systems, and giving them to Anderson, we have provided technology that can ultimately help them further their mission,” explained Reimann.

Said Christine Wolcott, Program Development Manager at Anderson Center for Autism, “One of the greatest benefits is that they have brought us computers that are practically new at no cost, freeing up resources we would have otherwise had to earmark for the purchase of new systems. Valued at $41,000, this makes a very substantial impact. As the agency is growing, we find ourselves needing to add 50-100 new computers each year for staff. The donation is a nice big boost to support our technology needs, and allows us to spread our resources in a useful way.”

“We are extremely grateful to have parents like Senior Master Sgt. Reimann who secure opportunities that help meet the growing needs of our organization. Not only are we thankful to The 109th Airlift Wing for their help as we build out our electronic library and computer club, but we’re thankful for their service to our country,” said Patrick Paul, CEO/Executive Director at Anderson Center for Autism.

Reinmann, based in Scotia, NY, added, “These community projects are a great part of our work. I definitely see this as an annual effort. I’m so thrilled that Anderson was interested and willing to go through the process. It’s been so gratifying to be a part of this.”

For more information, call 845.889.9208 or visit andersoncenterforautism.org