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Anderson Center for Autism Unveils New Brand for its Consulting and Training Programs

Date January 9, 2023

In an effort to build awareness about programs designed to educate families, professionals, and the general public about autism spectrum disorder, Anderson Center for Autism has unveiled a new brand specific to its consulting and training efforts. Previously referred to as Anderson Center Consulting, that arm of Anderson Center for Autism will now be called Anderson Center Consulting & Training (ACCT).

Said Patrick Paul, CEO of Anderson Center for Autism, “As our organization has grown and expanded, we have discovered the importance of branding certain programs within our nonprofit; Anderson Center Consulting & Training (ACCT) is among them. This department helps take our mission out into the world, and we want everyone to know how expansive the available services are – and just how easy it is to access top-notch training and support through ACCT.”

In addition to offering consulting and training to parents and caregivers, ACCT provides behavioral and educational consultation to school districts, service providers, agencies, private schools, businesses, and others that serve individuals with Autism Spectrum

Disorder (ASD) and other neurodiversities. Service offerings include evaluations, behavioral consultation, professional development and training, intervention assistance, environmental design, parent training, and inclusivity training. All consultants work closely with families, team members, faculty, and business personnel.

Explained Kathleen Marshall, Director of Program Services at Anderson Center for Autism, “We are also proud of the way ACCT is harnessing the power of technology to expand our reach and ultimately make an exponentially greater impact on society. We offer professional development and training for school districts and professionals through live virtual, pre-recorded webinar, and in-person formats (some trainings are available in an asynchronous online format through ACCT’s education portal, which is housed on a learning management system). And we likewise offer parent training in an asynchronous online format through ACCT’s parent education portal on a learning management system. These virtual platforms are convenient and allow us to connect with people from all over the world.”

“For professionals, I want to highlight the fact that NYSED CTLE CEs are available for select training, and ACCT is also pursuing approval as a provider of BACB CEs”, added Marshall.

Professional development topics cover: supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, essential classroom components, creating and implementing FBAs and BIPs in alignment with NYSED standards, executive functioning skills, and transporting students with special needs.

Parent training options focus on the following subject areas: supporting children with autism and other neurodiversities, homework strategies, toileting skills, understanding sleep issues, executive functioning skills, creating and using visual supports, and learning through play.

Marshall said: “Building a culture of inclusivity, accessibility, diversity, and opportunity begins with proper education. ACCT is deeply committed to empowering all trainees with tools and strategies that can help carry out Anderson Center for Autism’s mission of ‘optimizing the quality of life for people with autism. This is more than a program – it is a movement – and we are excited to help lead the way.”

To see a full list of Anderson Center Consulting & Training (ACCT) offerings, visit www.AndersonCenterConsultingandTraining.org or send an email for further information to: ACCT@AndersonCares.org.

The link to the Education Portal (professional development trainings) can be found here: https://acs.wcea.education, and the link to the Parent Portal is: https://parent-acs.wcea.education. (Registration is required to view the parent and education portals).